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Limited availability in the summer & fall.

One hour video call with Olivia Renee.

You can choose whatever areas of your business you need the most guidance on.

Olivia reserves the right to decline and refund anyone looking for mentoring on a subject outside of her expertise or who works within the mileage restriction.

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* mentorship mileage restriction: not available within 100 mile radius of portland, or

Need help with your senior photography business? Schedule a one on one business mentoring video call with Olivia Renee. Cover any business topic of your choice, opt for a portfolio or website review, or get personalized guidance on diversifying your business.



business mentoring

brittney kluse

"There was no question off-limits and not only did she educate me on VERY specific issues, but she also affirmed what I was doing right, and provided REALISTIC and TANGIBLE ways I can DO BETTER in helping amplify the voices of our Black community of family, friends, neighbors, and strangers!! "

sean brown

"Olivia is my absolute go-to and the best on the market for all things senior grad cards!! Her designs are incredible since they can be customized to fit your brand and your images so that you never have to worry about a design not being fully “you.” Olivia makes it super simple by offering a variety of designs that work for any style or imagery. Seriously couldn’t do grad card season without her!"

mitzi starkweather

"Here’s the deal: Way too many white photographers only know how to photograph white people. If we are true professionals we should be able to photograph and edit *every* skin tone accurately. I’m thankful for Olivia’s education and resources because now I feel much more confident serving every person of color who trusts me to photograph them."

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